Worship Musicians

Help the contemporary band lead worship for the oncampus church services with your instrument or voice. If you play an instrument and/or sing, we would love to get to know you and see how you may be able to serve in our ‘on campus’ services. Because of Covid, there are more challenges for rehearsing new musicians and evolving rules for singing in groups, but we would still like to keep a list of musicians willing to sing/play “in person” and encourage you to come to Sunday services ‘on campus’ and participate regularly in our worship services (not just when you are asked to play on stage). We cannot plug everyone in right now, but hope to develop an ongoing relationship and get to know you and how best you may be able to serve in the Worship Arts Dept. 

Requirements: Being a part of the worship team is an up-front, leadership position that requires a genuine heart for Jesus, a lifestyle that reflects those values, and a heart that seeks to lead others into worship. It is not a ‘performance’ opportunity. Proficiency in instrument or voice, showing up on time, being prepared, being a team player, having a humble spirit, and willingness to participate in worship even when not on ‘stage’ are also of high value. While our normal “interest” meetings and “open rehearsals” are not able to happen right now, we hope to still find ways to get to know each person individually and see how best one may serve and grow in the Worship Arts ministry. 

Contact: volunteer@belairpres.org 

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