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Soul Care


The church has done a good job telling people what to “do for God,” but we have not done a good job teaching people how to “be with God.” Spiritual formation draws upon the Scriptures, spiritual disciplines, and lessons of the early and contemporary church to help people on that inward journey to be with Christ, hear from the Holy Spirit, and receive God’s love.

Christian spiritual formation is the ongoing process in which we are shaped and formed into the person God created and intended us to be (Galatians 4:19). It is part of the journey of a disciple who follows Jesus.  It demands a different approach that is not concerned with programs that are instruction-based and focused on information about God, but rather are invitations for the formation of our spiritual heart.

As such…in the context of the church, spiritual formation will not be loud, ‘splashy,’ or concerned about how many people fill the chairs of a classroom…it will ideally be quieter, gentler, embracing God’s presence and creation, and concerned more with what fills people’s hearts.

Soul Care offers a variety of ways for one to learn and practice the art of spiritual formation through events and conferences (see below).

God is the true guide and director, while the human Spiritual Director is like a coach or a midwife, assisting you in noticing and responding to the inner voice of God and movement in your life. Please visit our Spiritual Direction page for more information on connecting with a Spiritual Director and/or learning how to become one yourself. 

Blessings on your journey!


Spiritual Direction is the art of Christian conversation and listening carried out in the context of a trusting relationship.Spiritual Direction is a conversation of the heart and uses all our human faculties (intuition, emotion, imagination, senses, and intellect) to discern God’s presence and will for you, as you understand it. A Spiritual Director seeks to listen with you for the voice of God and to help you notice God’s movement in your life.


Spiritual disciplines and spiritual practices open us to God and to be with God. During this season when we are seeking to be the church in new and creative ways, why not join us in trying a spiritual practice every day.

Spiritual disciplines and practices, though often done alone, can be a gift to the community. They strengthen our relationship with the living Christ and through Him up our relationship to one another and invite us on a journey. They are not a quick fix. But build us up in our spiritual life.

Some will connect well with you, others may feel foreign and not comfortable. Try to find 10-15 minutes every day to “practice”…a spiritual practice. Some can be longer as you wish. As you begin each day, offer the Lord a prayer…something like, “Here I am Lord…ready to be with you. Open my heart.”

Each day the practice may be a little different. Some will ask you to respond to some questions, to read Scripture, to write something, to “do” something and some will simply ask you to be still in new ways with Jesus.

John Calvin, the great theologian wrote in The Institutes, “Without knowledge of ourselves, there is no knowledge of God” and vice verse. Spiritual disciplines and practices help you to know yourself and God in a deeper way.

We are indebted to the works and authors, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Trevor Hudson, Gary Moon, Adele Calhoun, Henri Nouwen, and Macrina Wiederkehr, and saints of old, who have helped me learn and written so much about the practices shared here. And others who have shown me the fruits of their practices by how they live and love. Jesus of course, is an exemplar of spiritual practices Himself!


All Shall Be Well Conference – Save The Date for 2022!

An All-Day Conference to Refresh Your Soul

February 5th, 2022

Keynote Speaker: Rev. Dr. Tod Bolsinger

Check back next year for registration information.

For more information, email soulcare@belair.org.

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