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The next Rooted session begins the week of April 25th

What is Rooted?

ROOTED is a 10-week group experience designed to connect you with God, the church, and your purpose in unexpected, life-changing ways. You were created for community and if you haven’t experienced that yet with others through Bel Air Church, this is your first step.

In the course of 10 weeks, small groups meet once a week to discuss what they learned and felt from the week’s reading and homework. It’s amazing to witness what happens when the group gathers and begins to honestly share. What God is doing in the group soon becomes the curriculum as the Holy Spirit works to guide and encourage. This is often where transformation happens, as group members open up and share stories with each other. 

Who was Rooted Designed For?

Everyone. No matter where you stand in your relationship with God at the beginning of ROOTED, there is always room to move forward. Those who have not yet committed their lives to Christ will have others to walk with them on their journey and those who consider themselves Christ-followers already will gain new perspective and depth of faith.

ROOTED is a 10 consecutive-week commitment. Five days a week there is homework including daily readings, journaling thoughts on Bible passages and corresponding teachings, meditating on Scripture verses, and writing and praying honest and personal prayers.

Take your next step to get rooted into community here at Bel Air Church!

Email Rebecca Morgan for more information

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