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Parable Coffee Lab

Thoughtful Coffee, Epic View


Monday–Friday: 9 am –3 pm
Sundays: 9–11:30 am and 5–7:30 pm

(Visit for current outdoor service times)

As a community, we feel a great responsibility and passion to honor God’s Creation with love, humility, and care. This space is designed to bring attention to how our approach to food, drink, and hospitality can reflect our response to God’s call on our lives. Our goal is not to provide a transactional, hurried coffee-shop experience, but instead to allow space for curiosity and conversation. As faithful stewards, we are slowly and sustainably growing to provide even more housemade, homegrown, and responsibly sourced offerings, including food, as well as opportunities for getting involved. If you’re interested in learning more, please sign up here, or better yet, come talk to us over coffee.

For more info, email

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