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On Campus

Register for Sanctuary and Patio Worship Services

Pre-Registration Form


We will be practicing physical distancing and limiting attendance (including no childcare or kid’s programming). Wearing a face covering over your nose and mouth is required. If you don’t have a face covering, one will be provided. If there is any type of illness in your family, we ask that you remain at home to worship. The Center for Disease Control recommends that if you are a member of a high-risk group (elderly, immunocompromised, etc.) you avoid large gatherings.

Pre-Registration is at capacity, but the waitlist is open

We sincerely appreciate your interest in wanting to attend our Sunday On-Campus gathering. Unfortunately due to limited capacity and high demand, we are currently unable to accommodate any additional guests, however we may have some spots open prior to the event. Please consider registering for our waitlist at the link above. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and encourage you to pre-register for the next service which opens Wednesday at noon.

What to expect when you visit our campus on Easter:

  • Seating preferences, indoor and outdoor, will be on a first-come and first-served basis. We will honor seating preferences as capacity allows.

  • The doors to the Sanctuary will open at 8:15 am. We ask for your patience as there will only be one entrance.
  • Please have your entire party together before entry.
  • Once you enter the Sanctuary you must wait for a Seating Usher to direct your party. You may choose main level or balcony if available. We kindly ask you to not request a specific location as seating will fill from the front to back in the most efficient manner.
  • Non-registered guests will be allowed into the Sanctuary after all registered guests have entered or at 8:55 am, whichever comes first.
  • Seating will be physically spaced by every other row (please notice pew signs) and the balcony will be open.
  • Please observe physical distancing as you wait in line for entry.
  • Restrooms will be open and available throughout the campus.
  • If you need to exit the Sanctuary building, a greeter will hand you a sticker. There will be one door of exit and re-entry from the Sanctuary lobby.
  • Overflow and Family Rooms will be set up in our Discipleship Center with live-stream video of the service.
  • Additional seating will also be available on The Patio (audio streaming only).
  • Parable Coffee Lab will be open for business from 7 am–1 pm. Our full specialty menu, freshly brewed coffee and even select pastries will be available while quantities last. Parable is our wonderful coffee space located towards the back of our campus.
  • Remember: Seating preferences, indoor and outdoor, will be on a first-come and first-served basis. We will honor seating preferences as capacity allows.
  • Parking with shuttle service is available in Middle and Upper the South Lots (directly across the street from our campus).
  • Parking in our Lower Lot (next to the Sanctuary, overlooking the valley) is also available without shuttle service.
  • Access to our main driveway leading up to campus will be for Drop-Off and Disabled Parking ONLY in the Middle and Upper Lots. If you drop off someone but are able-bodied, please park in the Lower or South Lots to keep disabled spots open.

For the 6 am service, parking is open on the campus upper level.

We see it as a matter of ongoing discipleship to Jesus to play our part in minimizing the spread of Covid-19. We will be requiring face masks for EVERYONE on campus at ALL TIMES. We will also enforce physical distancing with our seating and ask all to be mindful of varying comfort zones as you greet one another. Lastly, our facilities team maintains a rigorous protocol of cleaning and sanitization before, during, and after all gatherings.

Vision Sunday

It is with great pleasure that we announce the reopening of our Sanctuary for Sunday service!

Beginning Sunday, April 11th, we invite you to join us for worship at 10 am in THE SANCTUARY and at 6 pm on THE PATIO.

As we celebrate the return to our Sanctuary at 10 am, Pastor Drew will share the vision our leadership has for Bel Air Church.

To ensure the continued safety of our Bel Air family and surrounding communities, Sanctuary attendance will be limited.

Please note that registration is REQUIRED for ALL on-campus worship services.

Reserve your seats today by clicking the link below.

There will be activity packets and crayons provided for children at all on-campus services. Please visit for our current Sunday School program options.

Vision Sunday, 10 am: Sanctuary

Vision Sunday, 6 pm: Patio


New to Bel Air or want to find community? Let us help you!

Future Sunday Reservations

There will be activity packets and crayons provided for children at all on-campus services. Please visit for our current Sunday School program options.

Sunday, April 18

Sunday, April 25

Sunday, May 2

Already Registered for this Sunday?

We are looking forward to seeing you!

We would like to remind you to expect cooler temperatures as the sun goes down, so please dress appropriately. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide blankets due to health safety protocols.

Parable Coffee Lab will be open, of course. So stop by for a hot (or cold) drink!

For a sneak peek at Sunday’s worship songs, click the button below.

After months of meeting exclusively online, Bel Air is now open for church on campus.  Read on to learn more about important modifications that have been made to keep you and your family healthy as you gather for worship! 

Outdoor Service

Services will be held outside to increase physical distance and airflow.

Physical Distancing

Those in attendance will be asked to keep 6 foot distance from those who are not in their household.


All those in attendance are asked to wear a face covering throughout the service.


Each week online registration is required for those in attendance. The simple form will only take 60 seconds to fill out and helps us with attendance limits and contact tracing.

Regular Sanitizing

The building is professionally cleaned on a regular basis and is sanitized more often while people people are on campus.

Building Enhancements

Sanitization stations across campus for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you holding on-campus worship gathering now?

– As the pandemic and its effects continue to stretch into the unknown future, we are seeking to best serve our church family in ways that are in alignment with our mission, vision, and values. Our elders believe that adding an in-person worship gathering is an important and significant way in which we can serve our church family at this time.

Can I come early to enjoy the view and grab a coffee from Parable Coffee Lab?

-Yes! Our campus and Parable is typically open one hour before our on-campus services.

Will you be live-streaming this service?

– No. However, our worship services as you have experienced them on our digital campus will continue on our existing schedule and across the platforms, we use (web, YouTube, Facebook, podcast, and KCOP) even as we add gatherings on our physical campus. The entire schedule can be found at

Will the service be a duplicate of what is available online?

– No. We want to take the opportunity to focus our time in ways that lend themselves more towards in-person gatherings that don’t translate as well online. You can expect musical worship that reflects the diversity of our church, a deeper dive in practical application of that Sunday’s sermon, self-service communion, and opportunities to put into practice many of the “one another’s of Scripture” that can only be done in community.

Will there be congregant participation in the service such as singing or greeting each other?

-We will be planning our services to have participation in ways that are meaningful and respectful of those in attendance. We encourage singing and greeting one another while wearing masks.

What steps will you be taking to minimize the spread of Covid-19?

– We see it as a matter of discipleship to Jesus to play our part in minimizing the spread of Covid-19. Though there are many perspectives on this novel coronavirus, including its severity and its prevention, we will be requiring face masks, practicing physical distancing, and implementing a rigorous protocol of cleaning and sanitization before and during our gatherings.

May I bring my own chair to the service?

-No. We kindly request that you use the sanitized chairs that we will be providing that will be strategically spaced based upon our capacity.

Is parking any different than normal?

-All parking lots will be open without shuttle service. Our upper parking lot and mid-campus parking lot (sanctuary/patio level) will be reserved for vehicles with handicapped placards.

Are restrooms available?

– Yes, restrooms can be found behind the Living Wall just around the corner from where the musicians are set up.

I’m looking for community but aren’t ready to meet in person, what do you suggest?

– We are here to get you connected and we believe there is nothing that can cancel Christ-centered community. For more information, you can visit

I heard some churches are intentionally defying governmental orders related to Covid-19 as a form of protest for religious freedom. Are you doing that too?

– No. Though some churches have made that decision after much prayer and seeking the Lord, our decision has nothing to do with local or state government decisions but rather we are seeking to best serve our church family while maintaining a “love your neighbor as yourself” witness to a watching world.

Our leadership is choosing to follow the ever-evolving guidance for how to slow the spread of Covid-19 while remaining flexible on the forms of our faith while staying resolute on the focus of our faith: Jesus, our Savior, and Lord.

We love our church and we love the city of Los Angeles that God has called us to be ambassadors of Christ to. During the last 7 months, we have had tremendous freedom to follow God’s leading to serve our church family and to expand our reach in unprecedented ways in our 64-year history.

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