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In the Word

In-depth Bible study taught by renowned instructors

Sundays, 10 am |  ZOOM

Dates:  March 21, 28; April 11, 18, 25
Teacher: Jim Butler’s series, The Book of Daniel: Faithful Deeds, Faithful Visions: Knowing Who is in Charge
Resources: To be added soon

Daniel has always been one of the most controversial books in the Bible, engendering diverse and fantastic interpretive schemes that fascinate and mystify the faithful, as well as heated disputes among scholars.  How can we navigate these inspiring stories and challenging visions to hear in them a word from God for today? 

Jim Butler will offer a model of how to understand controversial issues in the interpretation of the book, but throughout our study our chief concern will be holding up these chapters as examples of faithful deeds performed and faithful words proclaimed.  The life and death issue throughout could be framed simply as “Knowing Who Is in Charge.” 

Meeting ID: 984 2903 8289

Password: 570563

Our previous Studies

The Life and Ministry of the Apostle Paul

Sundays, 10 am |  ZOOM

Dates:  February 7-March 14
Teacher: Rev. Dave Wilkinson’s series, 
Resources to be added soon!

When Jesus finished His work on earth and returned to His Father, He had about 500 followers in Israel.  Just 36 years later, the Roman historian Tacitus tells us that a persecution of the church broke out under Emperor Nero and a “vast multitude of Christians” fell to the fury of the assault.

In 36 short years, a small band of believers in Israel turned into a vast multitude that spanned the Roman empire.   How did it happen?

The answer is largely found in the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul — the main character in the Book of Acts and the author of half of the books in the New Testament.  God used a man who started out as a mortal enemy of the church to begin to reach the world with the Gospel.  In the process, Paul was transformed.

Sacred Church/Secular State

Dates:  January 10–January 31
Teacher: Dr. Bob Paul
See Resources below

The relation of Church and State has been important from the beginnings of the Christian faith. It remains so today at both institutional and personal levels. This series of classes will examine biblical texts that help us to understand the tension that exists between our identify as followers of Christ and our identity as citizens of the State, and the conflicting currents that arise as a result. How do we navigate these waters in these politically troubled times, so that we can be responsible citizens and faithful witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The Rev. Bob Paul, Ph.D., served as Pastor of Discipleship for Bel Air Church before becoming Dean of St. Andrew’s Hall and Professor of Mission Theology in Vancouver, B.C. Recently retired from that position, he continues to serve the wider church through ministries of teaching, preaching, and pastoral leadership.

Class Resources

Meeting ID: 965 8561 3317

Password: 881255

Class 1: Identifying Key Issues

January 10, 2021

Class 2: Sacred-Secular in Biblical History

January 17, 2021

Class 3: Sacred-Secular in Biblical History

January 24, 2021

Class 4: Sacred-Secular in Biblical History

January 31, 2021

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