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Discover BAC and Become a Member

Discover your significance at BAC as you become aware of what makes this faith community unique. Whether you’ve been here 6 weeks or 6 decades, our commitment is to seeing you flourish in the calling Christ has placed on your life and in your growing community here at BAC. Will you journey with us in this 8-week discovery? Church membership is a desired outcome of the course; it is your choice to make once you’ve spent time Discovering BAC.

Next ONLINE Class:
Sundays, January 24–March 14, 2021: 10–11:30 am (Class joins on Sunday, March 21)

(All classes and breakout groups will be held via Zoom. Registration is necessary to assure you have the Zoom link to each class.  NOTE: Only TWO classes can be missed to complete membership requirements.) 

Why membership?

Membership is not one more thing to do. It’s a statement about what you want to give to and receive from this community of faith. We have a mission from God in this city and the world and YOU have a unique role in God’s purpose. Will you commit to being part of where we are going and how we are getting there together? 

Membership represents your desire and decision to be PLANTED, put down roots, and GROW here at Bel Air Church. Our commitment to you, beginning with the DISCOVER BAC membership experience, is to provide the conditions in which you are most likely to GROW through God’s guidance. Membership is where you can become known and get to know others while sharing your journey in knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. You’ll hear more about the God-sized mission, vision, and values of Bel Air Church and become acquainted with where we’ve been and where we’re going. Discerning more about your unique gifts, you’ll learn about ways you can help others grow! 

Membership is a spiritual family, a team, a movement, and a commitment here at BAC. 

What is the membership process? 

We would like you to DISCOVER BAC and your unique role in our faith community before you make up your mind about membership. This class offered a couple of times each year, is an eight-week overview of Bel Air Church. 

It consists of learning more about Jesus and Bel Air Church, small group discussion, reflection on your journey with Jesus, and how He’s calling you to serve Him. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet some of the congregational leaders and staff members here at our church. 

If at the end of these 8 weeks, you decide that you want BAC to be your church – as a member (and we hope you do!) – the DISCOVER BAC journey culminates with the reception of New Members into the church body during our worship services. By the end of this journey of discovery, it is our hope that you will be excited to be part of Bel Air Church membership! We know you’ll meet new people and make great friends. We believe you’ll feel empowered to serve out of the abundant gifts God has uniquely given you and that you’ll have some clear “Next Steps” in mind for your faith journey.  

Even though we’ll be meeting digitally through Zoom, there is no replacement for being there IN the class. The real-time class experience is significant because of the people you’ll meet and get to know during this time. However, you can miss up to two of the eight classes and still join as a member. We ask if you do have to miss one or two classes, that you listen to the podcast of the class content which will be posted online at Discover Audio. Pastor Kim would love to hear your thoughts on the podcast content once you’ve listened (hopefully before the next class meets.)  

Having completed Discover BAC, the only requirement for membership at BAC is a personal expression of faith that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. At the end of our class experience, a few elders from our church will join us to briefly share what it means to him or her to experience Jesus as Lord and they would love to hear a little of your own faith journey and personal understanding of Jesus.  

We at BAC know that God is calling us to big things NOW – in our lives, our families, our neighborhoods, our city, and our world. We know it will take all of us. Are you ready to step in with two feet and join us in all God is doing through our church? 


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Ellen Baker.


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Take the Next Step: Discover Bel Air Church and Consider Membership 

Discover your significance at Bel Air Church as you become aware of what makes this faith community unique. Our commitment is to seeing you flourish in the purpose Christ has for your life and in this community. Journey with us for eight weeks and discover more about God, about this church, and about yourself.   

Church membership is a desired outcome of the course; it is your choice to make once you’ve spent time Discovering Bel Air. 

Next Class Begins:

July 11–August 29, 11:30am to 1pm


Joining September 12

A Note From Pastor Kim…

Ah, summer at Bel Air Church! Glorious sunsets from the patio, gathering in communities both online and oncampus and DISCOVER BEL AIR!!  


Yes, it’s that time of year when we offer this 8-week class. It’s truly an amazing community-building, small group experience – now available BOTH online and on campus (with limited capacity). Discover Bel Air is our pathway to membership at Bel Air Church. BUT, much more than that, it’s the opportunity for you to learn more about God, about yourself and about Bel Air Church. It’s an invitation to take a step forward into community and to being known here. It’s a chance for you, in an informal and friendly setting, to get to know some of our staff, key lay leaders and others who are on this journey with you.  


Get ready – you might just meet people here who will be your friends forever! 


As Executive Pastor of Bel Air Church, leading the Discover Bel Air program is one of my favorite parts of my job! I love meeting people who have just found Bel Air, whether online or oncampus, and are excited to know more. I love seeing people who have been at Bel Air for YEARS and unabashedly admit they’ve not yet taken the step to become a member of the church but they’re ready now. (Better now than never, right!?!) I love sharing the Discover Bel Air journey through Essential Doctrines of our faith, our history, the future to which we are called as this church. There are also many of you who are already members but just haven’t gone through this program since Pastor Drew has been our Senior Pastor/ Head of Staff and want to know what has changed and where we are going.  


No matter where you are in your faith journey, there’s something for you in Discover Bel Air! 


There is a certain LIFE that permeates every Discover Bel Air that is just so FULL of God’s Spirit. Without exception, every time I teach and facilitate this program, I am so personally grateful to God. The excitement, passion, hunger to be part of this faith community, desire to bring God-given gifts to our ministry, and the JOY are tangible. We’re talking GOOSEBUMP TANGIBLE (for me at least)!  


The amazing volunteers who serve as Small Group Facilitators feel it too. They invest so much in truly wanting to know each person in their group. They pray over the people in their groups. They want to see each and every person grow in their faith, deepen their love of Jesus, and discover the unique significance each one of us has in our ministry and community. There is a true DELIGHT experienced in Discover Bel Air 


Will you come and see? Will you accept this invitation to Discover Bel Air this summer? 


May God bless your summer at Bel Air Church! 

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