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Crossing Canyons Devotional

Welcome to the Crossing Canyons weekly devotional series

This devotional will both be similar and different from the Fresh Start series I began in January of 2021.

It is similar in that it will be grounded in Scripture and intended to grow you closer in your relationship with Jesus. My hope is that you will experience an intimacy with Christ in this season leading up to Easter.

It is different in that it will be HIGHLY visual in nature and will be sent out ONCE A WEEK. With my double-crossing of the Grand Canyon as a visual metaphor, we will explore the canyons that God is calling each of us to cross.

These canyons are more than physical. They are spiritual, relational, and emotional.

As we begin, this ten-minute video is an INTRO to what is ahead…and wait for the very end to get a sneak peek into what my experience in the canyon was like.

I look forward to Crossing Canyons with you!

Pastor Drew

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