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Community is desiring so much more than just being in proximity with others. As we embody a life of community, our identity in Christ unifies us as we follow Jesus alongside one another.



Join us for two on-campus services every Sunday! 
10am in the Sanctuary and 6pm on our patio for a majestic, sunset service. *Masks are recommended, but not required.

As always, there will be activity packets and crayons provided for children at all on-campus services. Please visit belair.org/kids for our current Sunday School program options. If you’re interested in having your child(ren) join our Sunday School program, pre-registration is required. Register here




You can find all of our sermons + additional content on our YouTube and Podcast channels for you to watch and listen to on your own time…because church isn’t just a building, or an hour on Sunday – it’s YOU!



Are you new here? If so, welcome! Community is at the heart of who we are and we want to make it simple for you to get planted here.  Click here to make yourself known so that we can be in community with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ!



Grow in community, love, and grace as followers of Jesus… Life in Christ, TOGETHER!



This 8-week pathway to membership unveils the significance of YOU at Bel Air Church, whether or not you decide to become a member here.

Discover Bel Air

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Connect to Community

New to Bel Air or want to find community?
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Life Groups

Grow in community, love, and grace as followers of Jesus… Life in Christ, together


A 10-week group experience where you get connected to community the church and your purpose

Lent Life Group Leaders

Want to get plugged into community… AND serve the church? Awesome! We need you! Over Zoom, you help facilitate conversation around the lent sermon study guide, pray for your group, and organize meetings. You got this! And we will help!​

Meet & Greet with Pastor Kim

Tuesday, December 29 at 7pm & Wednesday, January 6 at 1pm |

If you’d like to know more about Bel Air Church, we’d love to meet you on a Zoom Meet & Greet!



Discover ways for women to get involved and grow together. 



Dedicated to the spiritual growth of the men of Bel Air Church. 



In-depth Bible study taught by renowned instructors. 



Takes a scientific look at the Bible, the existence of God, and theological concepts. 



Young adults (20s & 30s) meet weekly for fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and worship. 


A two-year Biblical study, from Genesis to Revelation. 



Our favorite spot to sip and savor over Scripture is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for the latest re-opening updates. We look forward to serving you in the fall! Follow Parable on Instagram for the freshest news + updates!



For years, Christians have argued, debated, and fought one another while “speaking the truth in love.” In every Friday Night Forum, we aim to build community and learn to better love one another. Our goal is to look at the difficult issues facing our community with honesty, thoughtfulness, and courage. 



Everyone’s favorite Wednesday night prayer room is on summer break. We look forward to seeing you all in the fall!



Here you will find many opportunities to volunteer at Bel Air Church

Women's Ministries

Discover ways for women to get involved and grow

Men's Ministries

Dedicated to the spiritual growth of the men at Bel Air Church

Bel Air Kids

Babies through 5th grade have a special place in the Bel Air family

Student Ministry

We meet students where they are and lead them into deep relationship with Jesus.

College Group

Join us for community, spiritual growth, and studying God’s word.

Friday Night Form

Engage in Christian conversation surrounding challenging issues​

Wednesday Night Prayer Room​

7–8 pm, via Instagram Stories: @BelAirChurch​


Everyone’s favorite Wednesday Night Instagram Prayer Room is taking a summer break.  See you all in the fall! NEED PRAYER?

Science, Logic and Faith

Takes a scientific look at the Bible, the existence of God, and theological concepts

In the Word

In-depth Bible study taught by renowned instructors​

Parable Coffee Lab

Thoughtfully brewed coffee with an epic view, nestled in the beautiful Bel Air campus. 

Our favorite spot to sip and savor over Scripture is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for the latest re-opening updates. We look forward to serving you in the fall!


Young adults (20s & 30s) meet weekly for fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and worship​

Fellowship of the Unashamed

Keep a copy of Fellowship of the Unashamed for continued inspiration. 

Bethel Bible Study

A 2-year Biblical study, from Genesis to Revelation

Friday Night Forum

Engage in Christian conversation surrounding challenging issues.


At the beginning of 2014, I went through a breakup that broke my heart not only emotionally, but physically. I sought medical attention, yet nobody could provide answers. Little did I know at the time that it was my physical heart that was the issue.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2017 that doctors discovered that I had a fistula, a hole, in my heart which is believed to have been there since birth. I believe the immense emotional stress and high blood pressure caused this fistula to increase in size and affect my health in various ways. I was so happy to finally know the source causing all my pain and symptoms!

I underwent a catheter procedure in early 2018, but sadly, the attempt to close the fistula was unsuccessful. My doctors told me that I could either try another catheter procedure, undergo open-heart surgery, or just take my chances and leave it alone.

For almost two years I sat with disappointment, affected by fear and anxiety of a second procedure. I contemplated my own mortality and seasons of life, amongst other things. I had to overcome these issues with the Lord’s strength.

In early 2020 I decided to move forward and schedule a second catheter procedure. Again, it was unsuccessful, but progress was made! The doctors were able to enter the fistula this time, but they were not able to plug it. After seeing it firsthand, they advised that I take care of this within a year but that my only option would be to have open-heart surgery.

The surgeon explained that while my heart had been functioning well, as time progressed my chances for heart failure would increase significantly. Each procedure was covered in so much prayer by a great number of people. Although our prayer for the fistula to close was not answered, so many other prayers were. We even believed that if the Lord wanted to, He could miraculously close the hole in an instant!

I had so much peace going into each procedure. I had no complications, no adverse effects from the anesthesia, things lined up financially, and I had so much support across the board – it was truly unbelievable! At this point, I did not want to do open-heart but was at peace if that turned out to be my only option.

After the first procedure, my dad learned of a family friend who had amazing success undergoing a similar surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, the number one cardiovascular hospital in the country! He tried contacting them in 2018 and I tried in 2019, but we never made any progress. At the time, it seemed not meant to be.

So, in July 2020, after my second unsuccessful procedure, I felt the Lord whisper to me to try contacting the Cleveland Clinic again and a way would be made due to the pandemic. Sure enough, this is what happened, and I got my foot in the door after having phone appointments with their two top doctors!

Seven years after my initial heartbreak, the Lord chose to heal my physical heart in the hands of a top doctor, at the top clinic, in a way that was the least taxing on my body (no need for open-heart!!). Not only that, but my insurance covered most of the expense, and my parents and friend were able to travel with me to provide the support I needed most!! This was all truly a miracle!!

My family, friends, and I are all overjoyed with the outcome – I FEEL GREAT!

This season was truly a test of my faith and trust in the Lord as he gave opportunities to mold and shape me into surrendering to his good and perfect will.

God is so faithful! He met me in my heartbreak, healed me emotionally, held and comforted me, guided me through the doctors’ opinions and advice, and literally made a way where there seemed to be no way! I have so much more life to live and I firmly believe that this is a new start as I enter into a new season of life.

There is more ministry to do, more evangelism in this city and beyond, more worship music to play, and more light and love of Christ to spread! Jesus is my healer and has good things in store for me!

My hope is that hearing this summary of my experiences over the past seven years inspires you to not lose hope in God’s promises, to surrender, to trust and to obey Him and His will, and to continue sharing your testimony of all the Lord has done in your life!

God bless you!

With Christ,

Elissa Metropolous

Associate Director of Community & Connection

For more information, email info@belair.org

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