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Bethel Bible Study

Summer 2020 Schedule:
Sundays | 12:30–2:30 pm, Beginning September 13

Bethel is a Biblical study, from Genesis to Revelation, to analyze and understand the bible on a deeper level. It focuses on themes that run throughout the biblical narrative using visual aids and memorization to create a “database” of knowledge, where you will have confidence in knowing where you can find what you’re looking for as you talk and pray with someone. This is a study for those that want to know the Bible on a deeper level, regardless if you have been studying the bible for a year or a month. This is an opportunity for you to better equip yourself with the Word of God. We want to help you invest in your relationship with Christ and the Word of God.

Please Note: This is a two-year program, broken down into 7-week studies with breaks between each.  

Cost for curriculum is $55 

To sign up, email Noralea today to begin the process, or click Here to register .